Frequently Asked Questions

How are webinars purchased?

Webinars are sold individually for a specific date and time.  We do not have paid memberships or subscriptions – you simply purchase the ones you want to attend.   We do require that you register an account with a verified email address in order to purchase a webinar.  This facilitates our communications with you and provides a convenient place with all the information you need such as the webinar access link, questionnaires, supplemental materials, etc.

What do I need to attend a webinar?

Our webinars are presented live using Zoom.  The software is free and works on computers running Windows or macOS.  It also works on smart phones, but we recommend using larger screens since most of the material is presented on PowerPoint slides.

If you wish to ask questions you can use your microphone or use the Zoom chat.  Broadcasting video of yourself with a webcam is welcome but optional.

Where can I find the Zoom link and handouts?

The link to the Zoom meeting as well as any supplemental information such as handouts will be found on this website under My Account.  You can also see all the upcoming webinars you’ve signed up for as well as ones you’ve attended in the past.

How early should I sign into the webinar?

If you have never used Zoom, we recommend testing it at least the day before the webinar is scheduled by using  With Zoom working, access the webinar around 10 to 15 minutes ahead of the scheduled time.   You will be placed in the Zoom Waiting Room, and the instructor will let you into the webinar shortly.

How long are your webinars?

The lecture portion of our webinars is typically around an hour.  We then have an open-ended (within reason) discussion period where attendees can ask questions and discuss the topic in detail.  You won’t need to worry about “we only have time for one more question”.

What if something comes up and I am unable to attend the webinar or miss parts of it?

Our webinars are designed for a live, interactive audience.  We do realize last minute issues can arise, so all webinars will be recorded and available for registered attendees to view on our website for 14 days after the scheduled time.

May I purchase a webinar for someone else?

Our webinars are designed so each attendee uses their own GenWebinars account and personal Zoom link to the webinar itself.  These cannot be shared, and each attendee can only register once for a specific time slot.  If you wish to pay for a webinar for another person, we suggest purchasing an online gift card for them that works like a credit card, such as a Visa Gift Card.  They can then create their own GenWebinars account and pay for the webinar using that card.

Are these webinars copyrighted?

Yes.  All audio and visual content as well as many supplemental materials like handouts are copyrighted by the instructor.   These may not be reproduced or shared without their permission.  Our webinars are for your personal use only, and are not for viewing by groups of people.  Each webinar attendee must purchase their own seat.

Can I make suggestions for future topics?

Our instructors have a wide variety of lectures they have given to various groups and are always working on more.  We welcome any suggestions for possible future topics.

Are your instructors available to speak to groups?

Yes, our instructors actively lecture to organizations, either online or in person.  These lectures are arranged with the individual instructors and are not through GenWebinars.  Our instructors are members of the Genealogical Speaker’s Guild, and you can find information about their topics and requirements as follows:

Diane L. Richard

David M. McCorkle